Featured Artist: Oscar González Loyo


Oscar González Loyo is a Méxican artist with an impressive list of achievements including comic books, advertising and cinema. He wrote to share his impressions of our favorite notebook:

"When I was a kid, my father used to bring to me small black notebooks
home for me to do my first drawings, I used them without knowing
anything about their story, nevertheless, it was absolutely a pleasure
to start off a brand new little notebook, for me it was a very
important object during those days, time went through and I began using
some other materials. But a few time ago, thanks to our friend Héctor
Garza, who gave us as a present these marvelous treasures (that’s what
they mean for us) for participating during his conference cycle at the
"Festivalito Comiquero" ("Little Comic Festival"), we were able to
reencounter the fascinating world of the Moleskine notebook, mythical
notebook that only until that day we were able to know part of its
story which came written within the notebook. The Moleskine was used by
European artists and intellectuals from the last centuries. This
notebook’s format was very useful for its transportation, in fact, we
carry them in our jackets, so that at any time we are able to draw or
take notes wherever or whenever we want to. These notes and sketches
are useful for us to do the definite layouts later on, whether they be
for a comic, illustration, publicity idea or just doodling."

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