Michael Mordant’s Moleskine hack wallet – GTD


Michael Mordant shares his recipe for a Moleskine wallet hack:

"My notebooks mainly are receptacles for the inane stuff that I come up with for my four blogs and until just now the only hack I did was to make a pen holder. I cut the pen pocket off the cover of a cheap plastic day planner, folded it over and glued a piece of suede as a strap onto it. This then slips over the front cover to hold my two Cross pens….

…Inspired by the page mark-up language post by Leslie Russell: Moleskine mark-up hack, Michael Hyatt’s note taking post, shahine.com post about Moleskine GTD hack and the Frugal Student’s post about turning your Moleskine into a wallet.

So after all that reading I grabbed out a new Moleskine peeled off the wrapper and went to work. I wanted a durable wallet feature so decided to use up some plastic credit cards pockets that were in an old planner…."

Learn more at his blog, "Slightly Mordant"