Moleskine Detour Exhibition in Lifestyle Show Tokyo


Our friend Patrick Ng covered the Moleskine Detour Exhibition in Tokyo recently. Nice report as usual but this concluding paragraph caught my eye:

Well, I have a thought.  The tremendous success of Moleskine’s revival
is a true marketing success story.  Millions of community effort to
promote its branding.  What have Moleskine done to return favor to the
community?  Now that Moleskine is made in China, a fact that not many
people adore, what did Moleskine do when there was a great earthquake
in SiChuan China when more than 71,000 people were dead?  Well I did a
search on Google "Moleskine Charity" and nothing really came up.
Enlighten me if I’m wrong.  I mean I love the brand and product, just
that I expected a little more from it to be more cultural instead of
commercial, more world-class in terms of charity instead of

Learn more at Patrick’s blog, "Scription"


Update: Moleskine has issued a clarification on this post.

3 thoughts on “Moleskine Detour Exhibition in Lifestyle Show Tokyo

  1. That’s the best way of putting it, I couldn’t even articulate it that well.

    I wonder too if the “fad bubble” is going to burst and when. And just what that will look like. I don’t think we’re in danger of a halt in production ever. But this has definitely been a fun ride for some because it is a fad, I’ve been reminded of the Rubik’s Cube over and over again. I think the fun-fad aspect will keep going for awhile with engraved notebooks and decorating the covers and the like. But someday Moleskine is just going to be a good notebook and hopefully not too silly for these several years of fuss.

  2. Maybe google does not index it yet:) but just to be accurate, Moleskine supports lettera27 (, a non profit foundation committed in defending access to knowledge especially in the most deprived areas of the world. Just like last year, lettera27 projects are focused on Africa. Just to mention some of them: AfroPixel, a festival inside the Dakar Biennal, and WikiAfricaArt, a programme that bring african artists and african art on wikipedia. Beside, all the notebooks displayed during the Moleskine Detour events have been donated from their authors to lettera27.

    Please note that during Tokyo’s Lifestyle show have been displayed notebooks coming from the Invitation au Voyage event ( and it was *not* a Detour Exhibition: all the Detour events are listed on the official website ( where you can take a look at the notebook and also read some lines on the single author’s biography. The Detour project is not a commercial event and it’s meant to support the non profit foundation lettera27.

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