Moleskine hack: secret compartments


After the success of his Moleskine wallet/GTD hack Michael Mordant presents the making of  …"The Secret Compartments."

I was inspired by several other posts on similar stuff I looked at. I pulled out an old beat up Moleskine that had ideas that had all been written up for various blogs.

Being a bit of a James Bond geek too and having just watched the Quantum of Solace trailer, I went to work. Pulled out my iPod, RSA secure ID card and one of my USB drives.

I used about six glue sticks gluing together a block of pages, then put the book between two bits of cardboard and put a pile of heavy books atop that. Before the glue was completely dry I drew around the items I wanted inside the notebook and used a few X-Acto blades cutting out the compartments (oh the sacrilege!).

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3 thoughts on “Moleskine hack: secret compartments

  1. You do know there is an easier way to do this? You use a jig saw. You screw two pieces of wood on either side of the pages, cut out the hole, and unscrew the pieces of wood. I do suggest you use brand new blades for it to turn out the best.

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