Mountain out of a mole(skine) hill


Our friend Chet Chin in Malaysia sent this link from their Sunday morning paper:

"…would Malaysians pay top dollar for an empty notebook?

“I had
no hesitation in getting it — even if some people say that it’s too
pricey for a notebook,” says Fajar Aidu, 30, a lawyer based in Kuala

She uses her three Moleskine notebooks to keep track of
her appointments, to write down ideas and notes and even keeps one as a

“The price may be high but it’s durable and handy. When
you chuck it here and there, normal notebooks get torn easily. But I’ve
not had any problems with Moleskine notebooks no matter where I chucked
them,” she says.

Her friend Irmy Natasya Mohamed, 31, who converted her into a Moleskine fan, agrees.

pay extra for quality, whether for handbags, shoes or gadgets. It’s the
same for Moleskine,” says the KL-based business writer who started
using Moleskine notebooks a few years ago after a friend from Madrid
introduced it to her.

“There’s just something very alluring about Moleskine,” she adds."

Read the full article by Elizabeth Tai


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Image: Moleskine notebook of artist Raffie Ghani

One thought on “Mountain out of a mole(skine) hill

  1. I use to collect notebooks when I was younger and a friend of mine introduced me to Moleskines and I have never looked back since. I wouldn’t mind paying more for a moleskine and they do last longer than the average notebooks.

    I have a planner, which I take everywhere and is water damaged because my water bottle leaked in my bag, and a small cashier’s notebook in my bag all the time and its brilliant.

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