Need y’all’s advice


Fahnzworthy Beckman needs some advice for an appropriate notebook container:

The current contents of my bag are several pens, a couple of bottles of ink, three large Moleskine journals, Cahiers of various sizes, iPod Nano, earbuds, charger for my cell phone, 12" steel ruler, a 6" steel ruler and three books.

The width and height — 13"W X 14"H — of my current bag are okay; I could use a little more width but 13" suffices. My real problem is the depth. Although the bag is expandable, it doesn’t expand enough. I’ve always got at least two books with me and sometimes as many as five, of varying thicknesses of course. With all these books I find it difficult, if not impossible, to close the bag.

So, I am being kind of forced into one of two actions: (1) Use a seperate bag for the books or (2) get a larger bag. #1 is the least favored option because I don’t want to be carrying two frickin’ bags with me all the time. A pain in the ass and all that, don’t you know.

I am looking for a bag, with a carrying handle and removable shoulder strap, that is voluminous. It needs compartments — I’m too much the slob to do without comartments. Weight is not a consideration, I’m large and strong. I prefer leather but a good-looking canvas will work. I don’t want a backpack, they look undignified on a man of 56 years.

I’ve done some online research but most descriptions fall far short of the meaning of the word and the bags I’ve seen are either too feminized or are just plain ugly. (I know ugliness is in the eye of the beholder but really, lime-green canvas and shiny plastic?)

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