Notebook art makes waves


More Moleskine press from the Far East Southeast Asia, this time from one of the Philippines’ largest dailies:

"The next time you find yourself doodling in class, don’t stop. Your notebook art might take you far.

Just ask 25-year-old Anna Marie Viduya Avanceña, whose Moleskine artworks were showcased recently at the London Book Fair and the Tokyo Interior Life Style Exhibit.

Anna has always loved bookstores and art even as a child. “The smell of paint and the sight of colorful tubes hanging on display shelves amazed me. I enjoyed looking through cartoon and fairy-tale books, and admired the colorful drawings in each one,” she recalls.

Soon, she was making her own works of art.

“This love of color and drawings quickly transformed into an urge to create my own when I started taking up art classes in grade school. It didn’t take long until I realized that art is my life.”

Avanceña eventually became an interior designer, getting her degree from the Philippine School of Interior Design in consortium with DLS-College of St. Benilde. She recently began working as an interior design consultant in Singapore."

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The Philippine Daily Inquirer

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  1. I don’t mean to pick nits but the Philippines is not really considered “The Far East”–Southeast Asia is far more accurate (and less patronizing).

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