Write Yourself Well

Steve Osborne has a new article on the therapeutic effects of journaling in his blog. "Writing is therapy. Socrates claimed that the unexamined life is not worth living. Taking the time to honestly document your soul on paper is a... Read More


Modofly: Call for Submissions

Modofly is at it again. The artist collaborative "piloted by a couple of jack-of-all trade artists/designers that go by the names of Jordan and Kevin",is soliciting submissions for their next batch of customized notebooks: The first theme we are calling... Read More


Evelin Tee: In Colours

Chromatic exuberance. I bought my first Moleskine more than year ago and I never looked back. Filling my shelf up with Moleskines and I love writing and drawing on the smooth paper. I have many still on my shelf untouched... Read More


Prompt: Dante’s Inferno Test

Just because…The Dante’s Inferno Test. "Through me the way into the suffering city,Through me the way to the eternal pain,Through me the way that runs among the lost.Justice urged on my high artificer;My maker was divine authority,The highest wisdom, and... Read More


Moleskine Montage

Urbane, urban and hip. Moleskine images by photographer Pauline D. Gayatri. "Etudiante en communication. Parisienne depuis peu. Photographie depuis 2 ans avec le Sony Alpha 100. J’aime les portraits, la publicité, le symbolisme et le conceptuel" Visit her FLICKR photostream... Read More


Wi-Fi meets Hi Style

A nice article from Canada’s Globe and Mail on the accouterments of a portable office: "For photographer, author and filmmaker James Sidney, light and compact ware is essential. "I’ve never worked in an office and never worn a tie –... Read More


Mountain out of a mole(skine) hill

Our friend Chet Chin in Malaysia sent this link from their Sunday morning paper:"…would Malaysians pay top dollar for an empty notebook? “I had no hesitation in getting it — even if some people say that it’s too pricey for... Read More


Notebook art makes waves

More Moleskine press from the Far East Southeast Asia, this time from one of the Philippines’ largest dailies: "The next time you find yourself doodling in class, don’t stop. Your notebook art might take you far. Just ask 25-year-old Anna... Read More


How do you plan a day, week, year . . .

From our Moleskinerie/GoogleGroup, this thread started by Mike:As Moleskine has moved into agenda formats (I started using Moleskine when they were just simple notebooks!) it has raised the issue of how they are best used for "life" planning.  Many "hack"... Read More


Paris Breakfasts

"Miller says, "Another factor which influences the visibility of lustre or sheen is the curvature of the surface from which it is reflected. Highlights which are thrown off from sharply angled surfaces come and go with captivating abruptness, should either... Read More