Need y’all’s advice

Fahnzworthy Beckman needs some advice for an appropriate notebook container: The current contents of my bag are several pens, a couple of bottles of ink, three large Moleskine journals, Cahiers of various sizes, iPod Nano, earbuds, charger for my cell... Read More


Moleskine Detour Exhibition in Lifestyle Show Tokyo

Our friend Patrick Ng covered the Moleskine Detour Exhibition in Tokyo recently. Nice report as usual but this concluding paragraph caught my eye: Well, I have a thought.  The tremendous success of Moleskine’s revival is a true marketing success story. ... Read More


Moleskine Neatness

Mr. Burning has a problem: "I love my Moleys to bits, I cant (currently) think of using anything else, I have three on the go at the moment and recently purchased five more to keep me going. and because I... Read More


Barry Silver: Resistance is Useless

Our friend Barry Silver, is having a one-man show in Tokyo. Barry is a self-taught artist who was once a scenic design carpenter for the Metropolitan Opera at the Lincoln Center. He now divides his time between  teaching yoga and... Read More


Eiffel Tower Pen Nib

For the ultimate Francophile, a vintage nib in the shape of the Eiffel Tower:   "très français marriage of form and function…" From Bell’ochio [via... Read More


Green Tea After 6pm…

I am grateful for the chance to witness a moment when the universe stops to take a breath and admire itself. "Green Tea After 6pm…"By Pumpkinoodle @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR © All rights reserved. Used with permission. © 2006 ABF View the... Read More


Inspiration: Graffiti for Butterflies

Some summer-y fun experiment to try…just because:A post on how to attract monarch butterflies to urban food sources along migratory routes in North America GFB uses images of milkweed flowers to broadcast the location of food sources to monarch butterflies.... Read More


The Monster Collection of Moleskine Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Freelance Switch has put together a collection of useful and interesting Moleskine-related links. Most of it we’ve covered in earlier posts but this is a convenient one-permalink-stop. Add to faves:) "Freelancers are more likely than most people to love Moleskine... Read More


Inspiration: Typographers and their handwriting

From the Man in Blue, a comparison of typographer’s fonts and their original handwriting."Marian Bantjes has – for me – redefined what it means to be a typographer. She doesn’t produce typefaces, and her most famous work doesn’t involve typesetting... Read More