The Notebook of Dr. Mario Garcia

Communications consultant Dr. Mario Garcia never leaves home without it, his notebook, that is: "It does not have to be a sketch pad that is perfectly bound and easy to carry. It can be a cocktail napkin, the back of... Read More


LAGALAG: 14 months later

Blogger Jayvee Fernandez is among the final recipients of LAGALAG, a traveling journal project for Filipinos initiated by Wil Pascual. "After finishing my two spreads I had wanted to deliver the moleskine personally to the next guy as he was... Read More


Moleskine is …..

For me, Moleskine is the writing equivalent of sleeping in satin sheets, only better. It is a testament to the treasuring of words. It is more important to me than fine clothes, fine food, jewelry, or other luxury items. Its... Read More


Bogotá and Buenos Aires

Another chapter in Tim Bayne’s seemingly endless travels around the world. This time he takes us to Colombia and Argentina. As I waited for colleague Melissa I re-read the email: "There are significant issues in traveling to Colombia. It is... Read More


Featured Artist: Oscar González Loyo

Oscar González Loyo is a Méxican artist with an impressive list of achievements including comic books, advertising and cinema. He wrote to share his impressions of our favorite notebook: "When I was a kid, my father used to bring to... Read More


Who Was More Important: Lincoln or Darwin?

Daniel Choi from Cambridge, MA tipped us off to a recent Newsweek cover story:"(the cover story) mentions how important notetaking and notebooks were to both figures. E.g.: "Darwin seems to have been able to think only with a pen in... Read More


Here’s to “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”

Happy Fourth of JulyFrom © 2006 ABF View the First Annual Moleskinerie Exhibit.Discover and join our Moleskine communities on LiveJournal, MySpace,  Moleskinerie FLICKR, FACEBOOK and Meal Moles. Get out – have a life and write about it. We’ll see... Read More


Cuteness Wednesday: A Tiny Moley

From the group moly_x_12, a snapshot of a rare specie from Gabie-France. Juj writes: "I just had to share this terrific invention that Gabi sent me – a mini moley! Gabi suggests it’s much easier to handle and I have... Read More


Contest: Engrave Your Design!

Lusting after  those laser-engraved Moleskine? Here’s your chance to win one at Design Milk’s cool new contest. Jaime’s post on the rules: "Create a design to be engraved on a moleskine notebook. I will narrow the entries down to 5... Read More