The Monster Collection of Moleskine Tips, Tricks and Hacks


Freelance Switch has put together a collection of useful and interesting Moleskine-related links. Most of it we’ve covered in earlier posts but this is a convenient one-permalink-stop. Add to faves:)

"Freelancers are more likely than most people to love Moleskine notebooks. We need to keep and manage our own schedules and to-dos. We’re creative, so we need a place to store and expand ideas. We need to take notes at meetings with clients–or at least look like we are. We need to appear productive and busy in coffee-shops–even when we aren’t.

Moleskine notebooks rank alongside the MacBook Pro, money and caffiene on our fictional list of ‘Most Beloved Freelancing Tools’. It’s a shame, then, that many Moleskine owners don’t realize the full potential of their little black book… much like many brain-owners don’t realize the full potential of their squishy salmon-colored companion…"

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