Who Was More Important: Lincoln or Darwin?


Daniel Choi from Cambridge, MA tipped us off to a recent Newsweek cover story:

"(the cover story) mentions how important notetaking and notebooks were to both figures. E.g.: "Darwin seems to have been able to think only with a pen in his hand. He was a compulsive note taker and list maker." "Like Darwin, Lincoln was a compulsive scribbler, forever jotting down phases, notes and ideas on scraps of paper, then squirreling the notes away in a coat pocket, a desk drawer — or sometimes his hat — where they would collect until he found a use for them in a letter, a speech or a document." Darwin "started a series of notebooks in which he began refining his theory… Over the next five or size years, he went through notebook after notebook, including one in which he began to pose metaphysical questions arising from his

Who Was More Important: Lincoln or Darwin?
By Malcolm Jones | NEWSWEEK
July 7-14, 2008 issue

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