Wi-Fi meets Hi Style


A nice article from Canada’s Globe and Mail on the accouterments of a portable office:

"For photographer, author and filmmaker James Sidney, light and compact ware is essential. "I’ve never worked in an office and never worn a tie – except at a funeral," says Sidney, who can be found during the summer months in Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park, answering e-mail and scanning his shots….

Even among the most diehard gadget fiends, though, a desire for low-tech simplicity can sometimes win out – both Kapur and Sidney swear by their tried-and-true notebooks. (Hers is always leather-bound, while Sidney prefers the Moleskine model once toted by Ernest Hemingway.) According to the photographer, the notebook comes in handy when he’s shooting in remote locations where power is unavailable. Plus, "no one’s going to take the Moleskine," he says."

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Photo: "95 / One Object 365" by El Sofá

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One thought on “Wi-Fi meets Hi Style

  1. “Plus, “no one’s going to take the Moleskine,” he says.”

    Oh, really?

    It goes to show you, once again, that nothing beats the simplicity of a Moleskine or notebook when it comes to a needed to jot a quick note.

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