Write Yourself Well


Steve Osborne has a new article on the therapeutic effects of
journaling in his blog.

"Writing is therapy. Socrates claimed that the unexamined life is not worth living. Taking the time to honestly document your soul on paper is a powerful form of self-examination. It heals. It guides. It calms. It helps make life worth living.

I know this is true. Every day – sometimes several times a day – I take a pen and notebook and simply write. I always use a specific type of pen and a Moleskine notebook because they enhance the experience. I get in a quiet place to write, but if I can’t, I quiet my mind before I begin. This is not difficult. The act of writing forces me to slow down, concentrate, focus and center myself – whether I’m on a mountain peak or in an airport.

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One thought on “Write Yourself Well

  1. I’m just as glad that I don’t have to “journal” (as a verb) and do anything therapeutic and self-absorbed. I’m a gossipy bitch in my notebooks. I like it that way and it’s unlikely to change. People are different in terms of the WHY and the HOW. Journaling sounds like we all have a common interest, but also we’re all very different at the same time.

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