A list of things I use my Moleskine for.


From an ever-growing list of Moleskine usage, here’s Marcus’:

Here is how I use my Moleskines.

I got the first one as a present a few years ago and since then I have
developed the following usage:

A.) Large Ruled Moleskine

Front to Back – Diary (very close to Mike Rhode’s design I start with about 4 months and add month after month as needed. The
left area of a day is used for appointments and in the right side of a
day I right

the things I need to do on that particular day.

Back to Front – Journal for my daily thoughts about everything ( I
number the pages and use headers for every entry and do an index when
the notebook is full, so I can easily find older entries again.

Using this method, both diary and journal meet somewhere in the middle
after a while and then it’s time to start a new one.

B.) Large Ruled Moleskine Soft Cover

Front to Back – GTD Next action Items

Back to Front – Meeting Minutes, Project list, Project Plans etc.

C.) Pocket Plain Moleskine

my Inbox which is with me all the time, in the office, on my shopping
trip, on excursions, in the car etc and it holds all an everything I
want to remember; eg new books I saw, phone numbers, websites,

directions …..

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6 thoughts on “A list of things I use my Moleskine for.

  1. I’m always interested in the guys who work back to front and front to back as it’s so practical and something I can’t imagine doing myself. I just have a journal and planner in separate notebooks, maybe because I tend to make journal entries at home? But it’s almost like a different character. Like: What Beatle is your favorite? And these guys would all say, “George Harrison!”

  2. To Marcus: I’d like to know exactly how you do the working from back to front.
    Do you just (literally) use the pages from back to front or do you also turn the notebook around (so that the pages are actually upside down), thus imitating ‘normal’ front-to-back writing?

    (P.S. Sorry If there are multiple posts, I got several 400 errors on my attempts.)

  3. That’s fascinating! I bet you do turn it upside down or else you’d feel wierd if you’re habituated to a right to left language. The point to the whole thing is to do what feels good to you but I totally had not thought of that. Now I want to try this myself!

  4. I was just thinking this through and was looking at the notebook and that would work so well. I bet you would want to somehow mark which way is up, like somehow have an arrow or some indicator for yourself or you’re going to go nuts every time you reach for it. Don’t you think?

  5. Thanks for your comments and I apologize for not replying earlier. I was caught up in projects.

    Indeed, I turn the notebook upside down when I journal from back to front, “thus imitating ‘normal’ front-to-back writing”.
    My “indicator” to know where I am is the elastic band, no need to have anything else. I was considering not turning it but could not face the fact that I have to write on the right page first and then move to the left page.

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