Felt Nirvana



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"ETCETERA MEDIA was founded in January 2005 by Boston-based designers Kelly Smith and Chris Grimley. ETCETERA’S
products include tote and shoulder bags and accessories for both men
and women. Each bag or case is designed with the intention of
protecting digital products such as laptops, cameras and music players.
Described as “simple, modern. . .a designer bag for designers,” the
collection uses contemporary materials to create clean shapes that are
tactilely appealing. Thick industrial wool felt is combined with
high-quality Knoll textiles and makes the interior patterns a pleasant
surprise from the simplicity of the exterior form…"

Experience felt nirvana: etcetera media

One thought on “Felt Nirvana

  1. Anyone know where one could buy 100% wool felt material? It’s a popular medium right now for small bags and slip cases but all I seem to find is part-polyester craft grade felt.

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