hard graft Moleskine cases


Neat notebook pouches from hard graft:

. features elasticed herringbone pen holder
. 100% top-grade 3mm wool felt in asphalt
. premium buttery soft cow leather in cognac
. handcrafted in europe

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7 thoughts on “hard graft Moleskine cases

  1. Nice, a bit spendy but nice nonetheless. Like to hear from anyone who has tried these how resilient they are to being in your pockets and bags.

  2. Hey, I remember these guys when they were Working Class Heroes and then lost them… good to find them again! Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford this stuff.

  3. And at the price they’re asking, I believe they’ve motivated my purchase of a piece of wool felt so I can cut and sew my own. I already have some scrap leather.

  4. If you want an excellent mid priced case, look at these. These people do beautiful work, ship promptly, and customize if requested. I have a one of their journal covers. They are rugged and stand up under hard use. I’ve dragged mine around for two years and loved it.

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