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In response to cherry blossom in japan’s question at Moleskinerie/FLICKR on Moleskine storage, our friend Elissa contributed her solution:

"I’ve been keeping a journal for decades.  These photos show most but not all of my collection of filled notebooks.

Upper left: I’ve recently started using Moleskine sketchbooks.  My in-process journal lives in my fanny pack and goes everywhere with me.

Upper right: Before I switched to Moleskines (far right) I was
using Canson Classic sketchbooks (center). I use the wire-bound Cachet
sketchbooks on the left in my free-writing group.
At first I kept index cards of journal topics, but now I go through
widely-spaced but fairly intense periods where I type my entries on
computer and use the Search function when I want to find information. I
have yet to input the writings in the notebooks shown in this shot.

Lower Left: This steamer trunk was in the garage of my parents’
house, where Mary and I now live. I don’t know how old it is, but I
thought it was the perfect place to store old journal notebooks.

Lower Right: My notebooks range from three-ring binders to
inexpensive blank books to the Moleskines I use now. A folding stool at
right holds the trunk open. The trunk now resides in my studio, next to
my desk."

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One Response to Moleskine Storage

  1. Sophie Brown says:

    I’m inspired to buy myself a cool trunk or something other than the rubbermaid contain where I have everything. I need a better system for organizing my writing in general. But I want that trunk!

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