MoleskineCity Jury Results: Milan, Istanbul and Rome.

Just published on the Detour website: the jury’s results of the students’ competition in Milan, Istanbul and Rome. The students are working on their CityNotebooks and the selected notebooks will be displayed during Detour exhibition in Istanbul, next spring. Each one a work of art, many filled with whimsy, some are simply magical.


"Unhide" by Beste Miray Dogan, Istanbul Bilgi University

She describes her work:

"My Moleskine project will be about the side that none tells about
Istanbul; in fact mostly the way of my Istanbul. But the interesting
part (I guess) is I will be writing, sketching or drawing with
invisible pen; which you will need a ultra violet lamp…"

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Engrave Milano by Ryosuke Fukusada, Domus Academy Milan   

The project in the creator’s own words:

"Engrave Milano" is the attractive way to keep the real atmosphere of
the Milano in the moleskin notebook. By tracing a texture of the Milano
from ancient building to present manhole, you can feel the real
atmosphere of present Milano. It is also able to keep the real moment
of the city because of this analogue way. In the notebook, photos of
the place where textures are traced, are added on the next page of each

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All the participants in the Students’ Competition

The first two
Beste Miray Dogan, Unhide – Istanbul Bilgi University
Ryosuke Fukusada, Engrave Milano – Domus Academy Milan

Special mentions
Architecture Kadir Yardımci, Istanbul As Imagination – Istanbul Bilgi University
Concept Min Chen (China), The True Shape of Milan – DA Milan
Creativity Ivette Leticia Alarcòn Rendòn (Mexico), MyRome – MED DA IRFI Rome
Experience Design Begum Gazioglu (Turkey), The Flower – MED DA IRFI Rome
Graphic Design Aslı Aydın/Gaye Başaran, Bosphishus Story – Istanbul Bilgi University
Photography Sze Yuon Yong, Wonderings – DA Milan

The Jury’s Selection

Ana Kaan, Milan Guide Project – DA Milan
Avinash Shende (India) Graffiti – DA Milan
Cassandra Wheat, No Name – DA Milan
Sung Hyun Kyung (Korea) Comic Book – DA Milan
Dilek Öztürk, City in layers – Istanbul Bilgi University
Giulia Cerini, Jules in Milan – DA Milan
Hagit Pincovici (Israel) Arianna’ row – MED DA IRFI Rome
Hanna Baranava, White Rabbit – DA Milan
Kanyapat Seneewong Na Ayudaya (Thailand), (A)Roma – MED DA IRFI Rome
Miguel Garduno, Corriere della Sera Notebook – DA Milan
Sinem Kocayas (Turkey),  Rmagazine – MED DA IRFI Rome
Viktor Ozan Yüksel, Alternative Istanbul – Istanbul Bilgi University

Others participants

Aiko Chino (Japan), Ironic – DA Milan

Laura Armato, Secret garden – DA Milan

Neslihan Akman, Istanbul the Divine Crossroads – Istanbul Bilgi University

Sumit Asija (India), By the Way – DA Milan

Hakan Balaban, My Buggy Mind – Istanbul Bilgi University

Paloma Blanco (Spain), Right Time – DA Milan

Shujoy Chakraborty (India), From My Eyes Only – DA Milan

Jakkapun Charinrattana (Thailand), Pink Bike in Milan – DA Milan

Nadine Helwi, Zoom.agination – DA Milan

Nattawan Kamklai, No name – DA Milan

Dilyara Khisamova, Milan by young fashion designers eyes – DA Milan

Hsiao-Chun Lin, Memory Collector – MILAN- DA Milan

Clementine Mailhac (France), Milano’s Life – DA Milan

Michelle Man (UK), Back off – DA Milan

Tommaso Mariotti (Italy), Cassetto Segreto – DA Milan

Gesthimani Papadopoulou (Greece), Angel Above – DA Milan

David Emanuel Sorace (Italy), La vita di un bar a Roma – MED DA IRFI Rome

Dan Tomimatsu (Japan), Street Milan Collection SS 2008 – DA Milan

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