Light Reading

Miniature books, most of which are less than three inches tall and some of which are smaller than a penny, have delighted readers for centuries. Popular because they were easily carried or concealed, these historic books range from tiny "Thumb... Read More


More on the new Moleskine Leather Diaries

Yesterday’s post on the Moleskine leather diaries prompted a lot of responses and questions. here’s a repost from Patrick Ng’s "Scription" on the product: "These brand new Moleskine Leather Cover Diaries are limited edition, something Modo e Modo haven’t done... Read More


Write Place: Yale Grad Student’s Off-Grid Tiny House

I’ve always been fascinated by small houses. This one is just perfect."Elizabeth Turnbull was planning for Yale grad school and started estimating her future living expenses.  As an incoming Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies student, Elizabeth calculated that... Read More


The 2009 Moleskine Patent Leather Diaries

Moleskine have taken their pocket week to view & pocket day to view formats & wrapped them in red luxurious Red & Black Italian Patent terello Leather. Included are all the usual features we have come to expect, the elastic... Read More


Felt Nirvana

Picture your Moleskine here or here. "ETCETERA MEDIA was founded in January 2005 by Boston-based designers Kelly Smith and Chris Grimley. ETCETERA’S products include tote and shoulder bags and accessories for both men and women. Each bag or case is... Read More


Book and Typography

Divinely-inspired typography from Marian Bantjes "Since its publication in 1994, The Story of God has played an important role in implementing and advancing the study of narrative theology. One of the first books to formulate and examine Wesleyan theology using... Read More


Moleskine Storage

In response to cherry blossom in japan’s question at Moleskinerie/FLICKR on Moleskine storage, our friend Elissa contributed her solution: "I’ve been keeping a journal for decades.  These photos show most but not all of my collection of filled notebooks. Upper... Read More


Guy Maddin and his diaries

The Nation’s Christine Smallwood interviews Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin "injects a cocktail of nostalgia, fairy-tale mystery and existential terror into a highly stylized world that recalls the herky-jerky dreaminess of early twentieth-century cinema." His works include Tales From the Gimli... Read More


Kircher’s Sunflower Clock

" To illustrate his belief in the magnetic relationship between the sun and the vegetable kingdom, Kircher designed this heliotropic sunflower clock by attaching a sunflower to a cork and floating it in a reservoir of water. As the blossom... Read More


The Chicago Air and Water Show

If you’re in the area, don’t miss this year’s Chicago Air and Water Show along the lakefront. "2008 marks the 50th Annual Chicago Air & Water Show, strong in tradition and assured the lofty position as one of the world’s... Read More