Moleskine confessional

Sometimes you have to make hard choices in life. Alex Moseley seems to have reached that stage. I’m sorry, Circa.  It wasn’t you–it was me.  You were so flexible, so easy-going, and I took advantage of that, didn’t I?  Can... Read More


Ponder: Have You Been “Called” to Write?

In a new post, Steve Osborne  mentions how important it is for writers (or wanna be writers) to have something like a Moleskine notebook on hand at all time, and references my own use of a Moleskine notebook. I think... Read More


Wee Will Doodle on your Moleskine, et cetera.

From PinoyCentric, a Philippine arts website:Choosing the path less taken is a brave thing to do, especially so for some of the country’s best street artists–Wee Will Doodle, Pilipinas Street Plan, and Samahang Batang Aerosol–whose masterpieces, many years ago, would... Read More


Moleskine sighting in Australian Vogue

Shirley Braley sent us this clipping from Vogue Australia: "Of all places to see this, Australian Vogue ( is pushing Moleskine notebooks as one of the "must-have" work accessories, along with Louis Vuitton handbags, Cartier pens, and Bulgari jewelry.Who... Read More


Video: moly_x_12

New video post from group member, France Belleville, receiving my Moleskine in the post and unwrapping it with the viewer. Very cool.... Read More


MoleskineCity Jury Results: Milan, Istanbul and Rome.

Just published on the Detour website: the jury’s results of the students’ competition in Milan, Istanbul and Rome. The students are working on their CityNotebooks and the selected notebooks will be displayed during Detour exhibition in Istanbul, next spring. Each... Read More


Moleskine City Notebook: Beijing

To celebrate the opening of the Olympic Games, here’s a re-post of Patrick Ng’s report of the launching of the Beijing (and Hong Kong) Moleskine City Notebooks earlier this year: "Finally, the long awaited Hong Kong and Beijing City Notebook... Read More