Ponder: Have You Been “Called” to Write?


In a new post, Steve Osborne  mentions how important it is for writers (or wanna be writers) to
have something like a Moleskine notebook on hand at all time, and
references my own use of a Moleskine notebook. I think a lot of your
readers either write or want to write just for themselves or even
professionally, and this article addresses how important it is for them
to do it and not repress it.

"We spoke for a long time and the more we spoke, the more I realized
how serious she is about writing. For her, I realized, writing is not
an optional pastime. It is part of her core and she needs to do it or
live an incomplete life and be an incomplete person. (This is something
I’ve known about myself for years.) So we talked about how she could
find the time and energy to write and I told her how important it was
for her to do it and that she had to bend her world around her writing
and make it happen or it never would. I pulled my little Moleskine
notebook out of my pocket and told her it goes with me just about
everywhere but the shower and that I frequently take it out and spend a
minute or an hour with it."

Learn more at Steve’s blog, The Writer’s Bag

One thought on “Ponder: Have You Been “Called” to Write?

  1. I always have a little hardcover yellow notebook with me where ever I go. I bought 10 of them, so I would not run out for a long time. They say on the cover: She decided to live the life she imagined.

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