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found you through the Flickr Group. Glad to have you bookmarked now for
tips, techniques, hilights etc. I’ve been using moleskins now for
several years and for all sorts of purposes; work, art, personal
notekeeping, travel etc."

love Moleskine notebooks, and I love this site! Just visiting here
usually inspires me to write. I use the blank notebooks, and I write in
them sideways…. turning the long side of the journal horizontal. I
find this easier for writing on my lap. I write quite a bit during
church services, conferences, and that sort of thing. I love to doodle
in them too, and sometimes I’ll doodle impressions I’m getting from a
speaker I’m hearing rather than writing notes."

"Hello from Brisbane, Australia!
Love Moleskines, use them for journaling, and love this site. In fact,
I use it as my homepage to stay inspired. Thanks for the hard work!"

Huan ying. Bienvenidos. Irashaimasu. Welkom. Merhaba. Maligayang
pagdating. Bienvenue. Bruchim habayim. Willkommen. Bem-vindo.
Hwangyong-hamnida. Benvenuti!

Where is everybody from? Don’t forget to sign the Moleskinerie Log Book

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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