Wee Will Doodle on your Moleskine, et cetera.


From PinoyCentric, a Philippine arts website:

Choosing the path less taken is a brave thing to do, especially so for some of the country’s best street artists–Wee Will Doodle, Pilipinas Street Plan, and Samahang Batang Aerosol–whose masterpieces, many years ago, would have been called vandalism or labeled as mediocrity passing itself off as art. But today, we’ve seen that art comes in many forms and is not limited to the canvas alone, and one can be as creative with watercolor as another who has a bottle of spray paint in his hand.

The guys at Wee Will Doodle, for one, draw on everything–boxes, manila paper, tarpaulin, and even the Moleskine Japanese notebook. And they’re not stopping there. “We’re open to trying out various media,” says graphic designer and Wee Will Doodle frontman Nelz Yumul.

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