Write Place: Yale Grad Student’s Off-Grid Tiny House


I’ve always been fascinated by small houses. This one is just perfect.

"Elizabeth Turnbull was planning for Yale grad school and started
estimating her future living expenses.  As an incoming Yale School of
Forestry and Environmental Studies student, Elizabeth calculated that
she would spend ~$14,000 over two years of school and wanted to do
something effective with that money.  So she channeled a little
inspiration from Tumbleweed Tiny House Co.
and decided to build her own tiny home as economically as possible.  So
far, she’s made incredible progress building the 8′ x 18′ modish home
on a flatbed trailer.  By the time she’s done, the off-grid home will
price out just over $11,000 or so.  And it’s surprisingly spacious
inside, too. .."

More at Jetson Green

2 thoughts on “Write Place: Yale Grad Student’s Off-Grid Tiny House

  1. I’ve been rooting around on these websites and these houses are really pretty cool. Especially if it were just me and my cat. I know they’re really ulta-green and that’s great (check out how little they pay for energy costs). But listen: Say if you earn a partial living even from your writing and you buy one of these small houses. You could buy the whole thing and a truck to pull it around or something with a SMALL advance. So if you have no housing costs you can write full time and support yourself working part time at 7-11. And I’m sorry but these little houses are really CUTE. It seems some are battery operated and you can plop them down in the middle of nowhere. COOOOOL! Think about it!

  2. I’ll admit, this caught my eye.

    But, she could have lived in an actual house for $14,000 over two years. This thing is $11,000… and where does she put it? Rent a lot? Transportation costs of it? What about storms and personal safety? She could’ve saved $11,000 and lived out of her van in the school parking lot.

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