GTD hack for pocket Moleskine infobook


gtdfrk has a neat little hack for the Moleskine Info Book:

"The drawback -to me at least- of these existing notebook GTD hacks
is that you end up with lots of labels and tags sticking out of your
elegant Moleskine, which I find rather awkward.

I’ve found a rather obvious solution which is pretty elegant
nonetheless. Using nothing more than a standard pocket Moleskine
infobook and a label writer, I have created the perfect GTD tool.

I started with a standard pocket Moleskine infobook which has 6
sections labeled: bed, food, people, sights and facilities. It also has
an expandable inner pocket in the back…"

Learn more.

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2 thoughts on “GTD hack for pocket Moleskine infobook

  1. I saw this somewhere. I’m not into the GTD movement but if I were this would be perfect! And I think it’s one of the least sought-after Moleskines available too. I’ve just never known anyone to use them but this would be an easy way to customize something without it being a complete reconstruction.

    Or, you could look at this and do sort of the same thing with a highlighter pen to mark off the different categories. I’ve seen that too.

  2. I love these! I used to use them before the “city notebooks” came out and still for other places I travel to. They force me to remember things I might otherwise be too lazy to write about:)

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