Interview with Kolby Kirk


The blog Journal Craft Inspiration has a nice interview with our friend and long-time Moleskine user, Kolby Kirk. Here’s a snip:

"Do you have a favourite type of journal, and what media do you like to use in it?
Since Europe in 2001, I’ve been on many more foreign
adventures where I’ve carried a journal.  After trying out a few
journals (and actually making one from scratch), I’ve gone with the Moleskine Pocket Plain Notebook as
my travel journal of choice.  They are the perfect size for me to keep
in my pocket and they are built to last during my rugged explorations.
I tend to use simple black Bic or Papermate ballpoint pens. My last few
trips have been to warm and humid climates and the pens worked very
well there, especially while sketching.  I do not like switching pens
after starting a journal, so tend to pack a few backups.  I had learned
this the hard way in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. My pen had run out
and I searched for a replacement.  I seemed to be looking in all the
wrong places for I didn’t find one after a few hours of searching.  In
the afternoon, while talking to a man working at a hostel, I mentioned
my pen plight.  Without saying a word, he darted out the store, crossed
the street, and entered another business.  He returned with a black pen
for me and would not except any money for it. Interactions with locals
and discovering their hospitality towards strangers is one of the many
reasons why I enjoy world travel so much.  I wish everyone could
experience it in their lifetime…."

Read the full interview.

Photo: "Breakfast in Dubrovnik" by Kolby Kirk