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Somebody recently sent us an email about instinctively rearranging notebooks on a bookstore shelf. It reminded me of this old post:

"I spent a minute or two yesterday organizing the Moleskine display at Barnes
& Noble. Just like I still do with Macs whenever I see them in stores, I
made sure everything was in the right place. Instead of cleaning up desktops and
getting demos running again, however, I was making sure all of the different
varieties were clearly visible and grouped together. Someone had mixed in clever
knock-offs and I wanted to also make sure these were shelved separately from the
real-deal Moleskines. Even though I’m nowhere near filling up mine, I even
stashed away a squared large notebook behind a stack of furry pink journals. I
figure the obnoxious fur should keep my future notebook safely hidden for a few
weeks to come…"

Undisclosed Location

Image: LeftLoft

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One Response to It’s all about love

  1. Steve says:

    This is pretty funny stuff and reminds me somewhat of an obsessive compulsive friend of mine who would walk into a cd store and rearrange everything according to genre and alphabetical order. He’d be swearing under his breath the whole time. Anyhow, this photo– these Moleskine displays always make the seritonin levels rise in my brain. Always a happy sight to see. 🙂

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