Moleskine @ The Chicago Motivation Show


The Moleskine team headed by Marco Beghin (third from left) at the Motivation Show.

We were invited to this year’s Motivation Show at the McCormick Place in Chicago on Wednesday and met with friends from Moleskine in Milan and New York.

In our conversations we picked up current trends and new products coming up. It was also time to review and look back at how Moleskinerie has thrived as it enters year 5 in 2009.

The crowd drawer was the exhibit of Moleskine notebooks done by students from Parsons and the array of customized notebooks. The white cloth "cabana" was an elegant oasis in the middle of a cavernous hall filled with products from A to Z and beyond.

"No matter how many times you may have been to The Motivation Show, the sheer size and scope of the thing never fails to impress. Everybody who is anybody is there. Every major brand. Every major retailer. Every major destination. Every major player in the motivation biz. And this year’s show was no different.

More than 13,000 buyers and exhibitors – 7,500 buyers and 6,000 exhibitors from more than 1,900 exhibiting companies – were spread out across nearly 250,000 square feet of exhibit space at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center…"

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