In Memoriam

We remember all those who perished on September 11 and victims of terrorism all over the... Read More


Discussion: Plain, Ruled or Squared?

From Moleskinerie/FaceBook, Danielle Clark asked: What kind of moleskine pages do you prefer? Plain, ruled or squared? Also do you like the regular or pocket sized moleskines? Join this ongoing... Read More


Tme Machines de I’lle

Fantastical contraptions in a festival like no other.“A team of machine builders have set up their workshop in the industrial warehouses of the former shipyards, at the heart of the Ile de Nantes. The designers let their imaginations roam from the... Read More


Paper Chase

Nice post here by India Knight at Times Online: Stationery is romantic, poetic, sensual; techy gadgets are anonymous, anodyne, soulless. Writing an e-mail is just something you do, perfunctorily and without much thought. Writing a letter or a card is... Read More


Inspiration: Blog Post Idea Generator

Hit the button to generate 5 ideas. " * Write about your most boring evening ever.    * Write about something that makes you cry.    * Compare the pros and cons of an issue.    * Form a blog... Read More


Asleep for this One…

I had a dream last night that the new 2009 Moleskines had come out and they were in a rainbow of colors and sizes. I’ve always wanted an enormous portfolio size Moleskine sketch book (I’m talking LP record size!) &... Read More


GTD hack for pocket Moleskine infobook

gtdfrk has a neat little hack for the Moleskine Info Book: "The drawback -to me at least- of these existing notebook GTD hacks is that you end up with lots of labels and tags sticking out of your elegant Moleskine,... Read More


Coming soon: The Moleskinerie 2008 Fall Giveaways

To thank you for yet another successful year, Moleskinerie and  Moleskine prepared a number of prizes –  comprised of course of Moleskine notebooks and diaries. We will have a number of weekly raffle draws – good luck! THIS CONTEST IS... Read More


Inspiration: 300 Love Letters

Lovely site, timeless concept. Letters and letters and letters. Letters about a moment in time, our paths crossing, to a cute boy that passes on the street, or an old woman feeding the pigeons. Letters to old friends, "Remember that... Read More


It’s all about love

Somebody recently sent us an email about instinctively rearranging notebooks on a bookstore shelf. It reminded me of this old post: "I spent a minute or two yesterday organizing the Moleskine display at Barnes & Noble. Just like I still... Read More