Sighting: Rory & Paddy’s Great British Adventure


From our friend Mike across the pond:

Alas, there are no screen shots to be had to include in this post but
here in the UK on Channel 5, two comedians; Rory McGrath and Paddy
McGuiness are touring around the UK in a VW Camper van trying all sorts
of weird British "sports" like cheese rolling, swamp football, shin
kicking and other pastimes that involve bizarre competitions and lots
of pubs and give us Brits a reputation as ‘eccentric’.

keep score of their wins in "the black book"; obviously a pocket
Moleskine.  You can watch the episodes (at least if you’re from the UK.
I haven’t tried it from abroad.) here.
Go on, have a laugh at the nutty British!  It’s good entertainment.

One thought on “Sighting: Rory & Paddy’s Great British Adventure

  1. its an absolute crime if you do not make anymore of rory and paddy series,best we have seen this year,BRING IT ON.

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