Sighting: “Without a Trace”




Lelia sent us these screencaps from "Without a Trace", Season 6 Episode 4 Baggage.



3 thoughts on “Sighting: “Without a Trace”

  1. I see Moleskine notebooks all the time. I guess you have to respect the show’s desire not to advertise or do much open product placement. By now with all the television characters you’d have at least one of these people be brand aficiionados. It’s become a real-life phenom which is absent from television. Funny. Haha.

  2. The problem is Modo and Modo don’t need to advertise, so they don’t pay the television networks to be used.

    Ironic isn’t it?

    That Coke, or Taco Bell are genuinely awful products, but they pay the networks to be included in the show, and mentioned all the time.

    Moleskine is an amazing product, so they don’t pay the network… but since its so great, they use it anyway, they just don’t mention the name.

    Screw TV. Because of crap like that, I now write/draw in my Moleskine more then I watch the TV anyway.

    If I want a poorly made taco with nothing but a mound of lettuce, and reconstituted “meat”, I’ll go to Taco Bell. You don’t have to constantly remind me how gross your food is.

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