Cultural Fetish Objects Observed: Moleskine Notebooks


Caroline Stanley discusses the Moleskine phenomenon at the brand-new flavorwire, the cultural news and critique blog of flavorpill.

"Today’s rank-and-file Moleskine owners might disagree. In 2005 Americans bought roughly 2.25 million of the notebooks, and the numbers have had nowhere to go but up. Of course, things have changed a bit; PETE DOHERTY has replaced Hemingway as a prominent Moleskine devotee, and instead of museums, most of the art that first goes into the notebooks ends up online — on sites like, which allow Moleskine owners to post pages from their notebooks and trade notes with other artists.

It’s easy to dismiss Moleskines because of their faddishness and ostentatious allusions to the canon, but there’s something eternal about the notebooks themselves…"

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