Marvellous Moleskine


Sloth Ethic is a "blog about not getting things done" and author shares his thoughts on note keeping as a pastime.

"If you do succumb to writing in it, do not worry, all is not lost.
Scribbling in a moleskine is a tremendous alternative to doing anything
productive – if the urge strikes you to get something done, then simply
spend a few minutes, or hours, outlining your project plans in your new
notebook. You’ll need some detailed brainstorming, several mind maps, a
list of spin-off projects, a list of things that you’ve thought of
during that you maybe want to write down anyway, a list of possible
names that you could call a dog should you find one that’s really not
that keen on walking, a picture of a dog, a picture of a dog which you
can draw without the pen leaving the paper, a picture of a cat because
you don’t want to leave them out because they are truly the gods of
sloth and you want to appease Bastet – and lo…the urge to do something
productive has drifted away like dandelion seeds in a freshening breeze…"


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[Thanks Ed of Evergreen, CO]

Image: Moleskine Eight by Signora Oriente

One thought on “Marvellous Moleskine

  1. How true. Depending on the day my Moleskine can be either a humming hub or productivity or the toy that keeps me from getting things done.

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