Moleskine @ the Frankfurt Book Fair


The Frankfurter Buchmesse
( Frankfurt Book Fair ) starts tomorrow.

The Moleskine booth feature three notebooks from MyDetour Istanbul; by Beste Miray Doğan (one of the
two winners), Kadir Yardimci (Special mention/Architecture) and  Aslı Aydın –
Gaye Başaran (Special mention Graphic).

To commemorate Turkey as the Guest Honour of the Buchmesse, a Moleskine special edition has been issued for both the CityNotebook Frankfurt and Istanbul.

From the official Book Fair site: "Guest of Honour Turkey – from the Bosphorus to the Main River"

The Guest of Honour Frankfurt Book Fair 2008 is featuring a multifaceted programme that will give you profound insight into the multifaceted culture and literature of the country on the Bosphorus. The Organisation Committee Guest of Honour Turkey will not only be showcasing 350 authors from Turkey. It will also be presenting art, music, theatre and films from Turkey in Frankfurt. Turkey will be this year’s Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair. In keeping with the motto Turkey in all its colours, Turkey will be showing itself to the German and international public on the trade fair grounds and in the City of Frankfurt from October 15‐19. The motto alludes to Turkey’s culture that was formed by a wide range of factors. But it also underscores the reasons for Turkey being in Frankfurt. The Frankfurt Book Fair wants to raise international awareness for Turkey’s mostly undiscovered historical heritage and the great potential modern Turkey has. Ahmet Ari is the general co‐ordinator of the guest of Honour presentation. He is of the opinion that “Considering the developments in the new millennium, every society has to open up to other countries to make sure that their potential and facets become a part of the universal cultural heritage”. In keeping with the motto, the colourful logo for Turkey – designed by the high‐profile designer Bülent Erkmen – is an open, many‐coloured and many‐layered tapestry. The word Turkey is embedded in a labyrinth that at first glance appears to be closed. But, if the observer takes a closer look, the outward and inward openness becomes apparent. This is the image of the culture of their country that the persons in charge of the Guest of Honour41sgdudribl_sl500_aa240__2
would also like to share. It is a symbol for the centuries‐old rich cultural heritage of the modern Republic of Turkey. You can make out influences in literature, music, architecture and art that the various ethnic groups in Turkey and from the Balkan countries, the Arab world and Persia have contributed to the culture of the country, weaving it into a very special many‐coloured tapestry. Turkey is the Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair to illustrate this variety and the historical intertwining of cultures. Even though it often seems to be closed and unreachable, the hope is this will draw the international public’s attention to the fascinating, cosmopolitan and especially colourful inner view of this country at the intersection between Europe and Asia so that it can be re‐discovered. The main accent of Guest of Honour presentation will be on showcasing the literature and publishing system of the Republic of Turkey. 100 publishers from Turkey will be on hand in Frankfurt am Main on more than 4,000 square meters of the trade fair grounds.

Visit the official Frankfurter Buchmesse site (English)