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Pile of Moleys

No, this is not a photo of a stack of Moleskine. This is a insanely detailed drawing by Andrea Joseph. Check out the original sketch at her blog. © 2008 A Joseph. All Rights Reserved

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WINNERS: Week 3 /The Moleskinerie 2008 Fall Giveaways

Thanks to the numerous entries from around the world. Our winners for the third week (October 13 draw) are: GOLD PRIZE: Theresa TarkingtonBurns, TNUSA SILVER PRIZE: Meng HuiShanghaiP.R.C. BRONZE PRIZE: Thanh ThanBentley UniversityWaltham, MAUSA Congratulations! _____________________________________________________________ Please check your email … Continue reading

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Sighting: House, M.D.

Brittany Spruill shared a recent sighting on House M.D., in the episode called "Alone," the first of season 4."I’m a bit of a House and Moleskine fanatic, so this is perfect mix! You can’t really notice it’s a Moleskine until … Continue reading

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Moleskine Radio

Zoe H. has given a whole new meaning to the term "portable radio." "I made my first 1 watt radio transmitter and then I decided to be a huge nerd and put it in a Moleskine notebook. Now I just … Continue reading

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The Moleskinerie 2008 Fall Giveaways

Welcome to the 2008 Moleskinerie Fall Giveaways. To thank you for yet another successful year, Moleskinerie and  Moleskine prepared a number of prizes –  comprised of course of Moleskine notebooks and diaries. We will have a number of weekly raffle … Continue reading

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Exhibit: “Volume Too” by Raylene Gorum

Our friend Ray is emailed an invite to her show in Oakland, California this Saturday.  "Please feel free to invite interested West Coasters.  For those in the area who can’t make it this Saturday but might check it out… I’d … Continue reading

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On the subject of sleeves

Our friends at Notebook Stories want your opinion: "Do you ever leave the colored wraparound strip on your notebook? Or you’ve at least thought it looks kind of nice, and missed it a little after you took it off and … Continue reading

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A Visual Diary

Bob Leckridge made a visual diary from a Japanese Moleskine. Minimalist and beautiful. Take a look: "This is a continuous single sheet of paper which is folded instead of cut to make the separate pages. I wanted to use a … Continue reading

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Writers: Do You Carry?

Regular contributor Steve Osborne shares a new article on his blog ( about writers carrying notebooks around with them — in his case, the pocket-sized Moleskine notebook. "All summer I’ve been wearing loose-fitting shorts, most of which have cargo pockets. … Continue reading

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Moleskine Collection at Behance

Scott Belsky tipped us off to this fascinating collection of Moleskine notebooks:"I came across this project in the Behance Network and was completely blown away…" Images from Anna Rusakova’s portfolio

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