volant victory


Longtime reader Stephanie Valdez shares a photo and an ode to the re-issued Volant.

After many long years, I found something that I had been searching
for.  It was just a Moleskine notebook, but a small one- the size of a
credit card.  It had detachable pages.  It was durable and light.  I
took one everywhere I went.

I found them in Florence in 2000, and didn’t truly become addicted
until I was living in Barcelona in 2003.  In Barcelona I often
traveled very light to deter theft, carrying a tiny concealable bag
with my wallet, ipod, a pencil, and the notebook.  I captured so many
moments on the small pages.

The notebook was in the Volant series and for years I begged suppliers
everywhere to help me find one.  A kind shopkeeper in Barcelona did
ask when she went to Milan and confirmed that they were discontinued.
I never saw them in the US and had little hope.
Until today. . .

I was walking down the street in Park Slope when something caught my
eye: Moleskines in new colors.  And then my eye wandered to a small
basket.  It was full of extra-small Volant notebooks.  I couldn’t
believe my eyes.  What a miracle.

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