Writers: Do You Carry?


Regular contributor Steve Osborne shares a new article on his blog (www.TheWritersBag.com) about writers carrying notebooks around with them — in his case, the pocket-sized Moleskine notebook.

"All summer I’ve been wearing loose-fitting shorts, most of which have cargo pockets. Whoever invented cargo pockets should be given the Nobel Prize. They are perfect for writers like me who always carry a notebook, pen and perhaps reading glasses around with them to capture information and flashes of inspiration. But now the weather is turning cold and I regrettably must turn again to long pants. Yesterday I put on a pair of denim jeans for the first time in five months and ran head-on into a problem that plagues me every winter: where to put my beloved pocket-sized Moleskine notebook?"

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8 thoughts on “Writers: Do You Carry?

  1. The return of the Volant line from Moleskine solves a multitude of problems in portability. The credit card sized XSmall Volant is a beauty.

  2. There is only one solution to carrying a small notebook on your person (Unless you are going to get some long cammie pants at the army/navy surplus store). You have to have a fall jacket and a winter coat with a pocket for carrying your book. I prefer the inside pocket.

  3. I have a military-style jacket that has outside pockets just barely big enough to slide in a pocket Moleskine, which is helpful for the times I’m not carrying a bag. That will get me through the fall but once it’s winter, I won’t have any pockets big enough!

  4. If I were going to buy an overcoat (or any kind of coat) having a good amount of pockets would be the most important thing besides warmth.

  5. You can find great cargo pants non-military look offered by some brands (Gap, Dockers, etc) , so you can carry your Moleskine in any weather conditions.

  6. at work my uniform pants are typically BDU, and i carry a pocket reporters notebook with important info regarding my parks and logs of incidents and suspicious contacts, etc…

    i often also include my 18 month ‘skine calendar with it. i love my BDU’s for all that i can carry in them daily.


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