Alert: Win WIRED Magazine’s Wish List bag


Sara Hubert tipped us off to what could be one of the season’s hottest contests. Hint: it includes a pack of 3 Moleskine cahiers!

"You will never catch us yawning at an airport gate. You won’t find us desperately rereading the in-flight magazine, and we never … ever … cross the thresholds of hotel business centers. We are the quartermasters in the battle to stay connected, productive, and entertained — and we do not travel unprepared. As wired gadget editors, we make it our mission to see every new product. As avid gadget-fiends, we make damn sure that the best of them end up in our personal arsenals. This is our current must-have list, the gear we reach for whenever an eticket pops into our remotely accessible inbox…."

Check it out.

*What would you put in your wish list bag?

4 thoughts on “Alert: Win WIRED Magazine’s Wish List bag

  1. *What would you put in your wish list bag?

    1. 13″ Aluminum MacBook
    2. 32 gig iPod touch
    3. Bose noise canceling earphones
    4. large squared Moleskine
    5. Sailor fountain pen
    6. Jack Spade laptop bag

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