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No time to assemble that special present for the sketcher in your life? This list from Gill McCowen of Journal Craft is a great start.

The Travel Journal Kit includes
everything you need for journaling on-the-move, and comes with a 12 page
booklet – How to Keep a Travel Journal.  The kit includes – A Large
Moleskine Sketchbook, 12 Derwent Watercolour Pencils, Pentel Aquash Waterbrush,
Pitt Artist Pen, Faber-Castell Mechanical pencil with eraser, Zig 2-way glue
pen, 5 glassine envelopes, 2 sheets of Safmat by Letraset for transferring photos
into your journal and a clear pencil case for transporting everything.
Make sure you capture everything next time you travel.

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*This – and that WIRED Wish List Bag? Priceless. Your idea of a perfect present? (Link may be forwarded to potential gift givers:=)

7 thoughts on “IDEA: Journal Kits

  1. I was just going to say the same thing. It would almost be better to get the watercolor sketchbook even if you used it for other things. I was thinking about using the watercolor book even as a sketchbook. That tagboard irritates a lot of people. I’d almost rather have a sketchbook, like some other sketchbook from an art supply store. It sounds dumb but I kind of like everything to be uniform–black, in other words. This is a good idea though otherwise–like buying all this other stuff and making a traveling kit. For someone or YOU.

  2. AND I think watercolor pencils are just perfect for traveling. I had never used watercolor products at all and I’m HOOKED. Do you remember those “add water” coloring books they had? It’s just like that but 100X better. Maybe you add water when you get back to your hotel room. I notice even very bad drawings come out well. It’s fun!

  3. Biffybeans – you are quite right about the sketchbooks being anti-water, but in our experience they work fine with watercolour pencils and a waterbrush, as less water is needed than when you are using watercolour paints. This is a well tried and tested kit, that I have used on my travels. I tend to sketch on-site, colour in with the watercolour pencils then blend with a small amount of water in the waterbrush.

    However, having said that, we are always happy to re-configure the kit for anyone to include a Watercolour Moleskine instead of the Sketchbook! We have a ‘configure your own kit’ option.

  4. It’s a great idea. I personally would prefer the watercolor paper (some people are mad for the tagboard sketchbooks). And I think the water brush is a good idea too. Personally I wouldn’t need the photography envelopes and so on. I wouldn’t need this because I have most of this stuff at home but it really is a great idea. Your selling points in my mind are: Notebook choice (of course), watercolor pencils (which are so much fun I can’t stand it) and the pencil and the pens and the waterbrush–it’s all convenient. If someone wants to give a nephew a present but doesn’t know much about art himself (I’m trying to help you out here, I know that this will be seen by a family member.) I would stick with the mix and match thing because–personally I can’t quite get into the Moleskine sketchbooks and I know other people who don’t care for them either.

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