Keeping a Photographic Journal


Dana Canurschi emailed us from Romania to tell us about a photographic journal project by Jeff at Beyond Megapixels and his theme music:

"I selected some of my shots that I think could be improved in some way.
I then shrunk them down in Photoshop so I could cram as many photos as
I can in a 4R print. I’d print them out and cut them up, and then stick
them on the notebook. (Lisa likes to say I’m scrapbooking, so I hum the
theme to The Godfather while doing this to feel more manly.) Beside the
images, I write down what could have made the photo better…"

More at Beyond Megapixels

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Do you use Moleskine in your photography?

5 thoughts on “Keeping a Photographic Journal

  1. It’s awesome being featured here. I love my Moleskine.
    My husband’s name is Jeff though, not Jim. 😉

    Ooops! Mybad:) -A

  2. Hi, Chel. It isn’t. 🙂 It says so in the article. I use a Moleskine personally. Jeff doesn’t – that’s his notebook. I’m still in the process of converting him.

  3. I’m curious, if you were to glue photos in a Moleskine, what kind of a glue would you use? My guess would have been rubber cement.

  4. This post reminds me of why I started writing in a journal in the first place: Peter Beard.
    The very first picture in journal no.1 was this photo of Peter sitting in the mouth of a giant crocodile. The link to the photo on his home page is
    It is well worth the time to browse through Peter Beard’s site and even Google him. You will not believe the incredible personal style of journals, which is unique to him; and he still keeps to this style even to this day.

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