“Lazor-ing” a Moleskine


The cult of customization marches on, this time with a cool mod by Nick Bilton at NYC Resistor, a "hacker collective with a shared space located in downtown Brooklyn."

" I wanted to Lazer the NYTimes “T” into my notebook so I had to take an alternate route. Very simply, I just cut out a “T” on the Epilog Lazor and then pressed it in a vice between a couple of pieces of wood for 20 mins or so. Looks pretty neat if I may say so myself. “Fire the lazzzzor!”"

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[Thanks Chris!]

Are you a "purist"? or a "customizer"?

6 thoughts on ““Lazor-ing” a Moleskine

  1. I’d like to customize my covers with some burned/melted designs, but the covers are PVC, which is super dangerous to burn. Maybe there’s a chance Modo&Modo could switch to something friendlier? Lots of companies have phased out PVC, even car companies:)

  2. Very cool idea. I think i will keep my eye open for an interestingly designed piece of metal which i could press into my Moleskine! I don’t have a vice, but I could always put it under a board and park my car on top of it!

  3. I don’t think i would lazer my moleskine but i do customize them, i usually make a collage with some acrylic medium on the covers or, with my last one, i paint directly on it, it creates something very interesting

  4. I’ve tried different methods with varying degrees of success. Rub-on tranfers with fixative fail eventually. High quality stickering works. Transparent tape failed. An interesting suggestion for imprinting like this – leatherstamping tools work GREAT. I used a set of leather stamps from a prior project and pounded them in just like I was embossing leather. Worked a treat.

    You can get leather stamps from Tandy leather or other places that sell leatherworking materials. Michaels used to carry a very few, don’t know if they still do.

    I suspect anything metallic with a clearly defined edge would work as well. If you had any old printer’s movable type or an old daisy-wheel or individual key typewriter, that would probably work too, but the size of the typewriter thing might make it tricky.

  5. “Is the picture here really a Moleskine? Never seen one with squared corners before? I’m just saying…”
    I think it’s a report-style book, with the elastic at the bottom:)

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