Moleskine in Kiev? Try Antresol


We’ve received a few queries from those traveling in Eastern Europe for the nearest Moleskine dealer. The Kyiv Post points us to a coffee shop in Kiev for those who need the notebook in Ukraine.

All literature sold at Antresol is managed by a so-called
“librarian,” an assistant sitting at the entrance near the book
shelves. He or she will help you to choose something from fiction,
science, books for children, and books in foreign languages. There are
also some Ukrainian magazines lying in a pile on the cashier’s desk and
on the bar, so you can always get updated on the latest events in the
capital. …

Antresol is one of few places in Kyiv, where you can purchase
Moleskines. These popular notebooks, usually with a black cover and a
rubber string to fasten the pages, have become a real fetish abroad. In
Ukraine, they are seldom met and are quickly sold out. When I dropped
by at Antresol not long ago, I found only a narrow assortment
remaining: small diaries for Hr 88 and large ones for Hr 110-150, and
city notebooks for Hr 135. However, the shop assistant assured me that
a new Moleskine collection is expected in November.   

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Photo: © 2008 Yaroslav Debelyi

[Thanks Chris!]

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