Moleskine in Manila


Philippine photographer Tina Zamora shares her favorite Moleskine moments with daughter Bea and at the most recent WeWillDoodle event in Manila.

"I love using Moleskine notebooks in the goings on of my life…"

Who’s the youngest Moleskine user you know?

4 thoughts on “Moleskine in Manila

  1. The youngest Moleskine user I know is my son, age 7. His teacher encouraged the class to keep journals. He asked for a journal and I gave him a notebook we had in the study. He was not a happy camper and asked for a Moleskine “just like yours, Mom.” Who knew he even knew what a Moleskine was. To encourage my reluctant writer, I did indeed hand over a Moleskine. He keeps it in his desk and visits it fairly often with his thoughts. It’s a small price to pay to encourage a young writer.

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