“Moleskine indexing hack tool”


Inventoids has a post on a neat way to make those "inverted tabs".

"The side view shows the general effect. These inverted tabs are very
easy for your thumb to locate. I’ve used them to split one notebook
into 6 separate sections, for separate projects, all along the vertical
side. For a more sophisticated setup a mix of tabs on the top, bottom
and edge could separate 3 different types of sections, with individual
sub sections along the length of the edge…"

Check it out.

[Thanks Barry!]

Share your favorite Moleskine hacks/mods.

One thought on ““Moleskine indexing hack tool”

  1. Although I love hacks to look at I prefer the method I use. I number every odd page for easy right side look-up and then create an index page working from the back forward. Whenever I have to annotate a page I put it in the index page for quick look up. Very fast and you don’t mess up the Moleskine. If I am correct, if you do hack your moleskine and it cracks like one of mine did, then you will be able to receive a replacement.

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