My Top 10 Customized Moleskines Notebooks


Katie at Etsy emailed to let you know that they”ve put up a post in Etsy’s blog, the Storque,
about Moleskines. Etsy has many sellers who feature
customized Moleskines in their shops.

"Moleskine notebooks are at the forefront of journaling enthusiasm, their quality and variety being preferred in most cases. And this grassroots enthusiasm has taken root amongst creative types — the community on Etsy being one, flickr another (with a lot of overlap). Here’s my Top 10 List — a great stocking stuffer for the writerly or creative person in your life…

1) I’m Friggin’ Melting – Holey Moley – Moleskine by heidiburton.."

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*Got any favorites from this list? Your list?