Patti Smith’s Moleskine


Via Notebook Stories, 3×5 notebook tipped us off to this Guardian article:

"Patti Smith, now 61 talks to Amy Raphael about growing up, motherhood and the bereavements that have overshadowed her life.

….Smith’s room is dark. She opens the curtains a little, pulls her boots off and lies on the bed, head propped up on three pillows. Around the room are piles of novels and biographies, Moleskine notebooks in different sizes, her beloved old Polaroid camera…"

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2 thoughts on “Patti Smith’s Moleskine

  1. I can’t believe nobody has anything to say about Patti Smith. She’s certainly the ultimate bohemian/character. In NYC every year they have an all night poetry reading at St. Mark’s Church. Right after Susan Sontag died she wrote a poem about “Black Eyed Susan”. It was really good. She seemed surprisingly shy to me. But to me she’s the definition of a “writer’s writer” (meaning THIS writer’s writer). She’s very nearly a beat writer. And so is Jim Carroll. He shows up at these things too. In my mind they’re the torch holders of a generation of beat writers who are almost gone now. I guess she was mentored by William Burroughs.

  2. Of course Patti Smith is a most amazing woman. She is to Rock & Roll as Susan Sontag was to Literature; both at the right place, right time for right reasons.
    I read many years ago in Vanity Fair Magazine about Patti Smith. Sam Shepard was there too in photos. There were many other people in the article as well who found fame. There is in every generation a sort of “the best of times,” I think where ideas get started and inspire future generations. This to me is the excitement of a culture in transformation. What fascinates me is what historic events were going on at the time that gave birth to these ideas.

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