Sightings: “Dancing with the Stars” and Louis Vuitton

Psyduck sent us a couple of recent notebook sightings:



"The first sighting is from this season’s Dancing With The Stars. The
three judges used notebooks during the show, and about two or three
episodes into the season, Carrie Ann Inaba’s generic notebook was
replaced by a Moleskine. :)"



"The second sighting comes from a Louis Vuitton catalog. In the
enclosed pictures, it’s on the coffee table under the sunglasses…."

Thanks p d! Visit!

*There are multiple reports of another sighting in "Bones". Seen that one? More tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Sightings: “Dancing with the Stars” and Louis Vuitton

  1. Very cool, nice find!

  2. Sophie Brown says:

    I always wonder at how they slip these in there without mentioning what kind it is, because by now it’s a very visible brand. Not so anonymous. To US anyway

  3. Sophie Brown says:

    Also, the LV catalog is clearly a Moleskine, I’m thinking the others might be wishful thinking.

  4. donnamarie schonrock says:

    Iaw carrie underwood in louie vutton on monday in nashville buying 3 shaws pink,puple,off white.she was in town at the greenhills mall.

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