About last summer….


Jade Tremblay emailed us with a remembrance of the summer just past.

"I recently took a bunch of pictures off of my camera that I had
forgotten about and found what I feel is an amazing picture of a couple
of moleskines. I spent my summer in Fredericton, New Brunswick *whereas
I normally reside just outside of Vancouver, BC) with a few friends
that are just as fond of Moleskines as myself. I took this photo by the
river St John when I noticed that both my friends Larry and Dan both
had their Moleskines out and I thought it was pretty neat. I suppose in
a way this picture is very symbolic of my "great adventure" from this
summer past and I really like it.."

With some snow still on the ground and more on the way, this is a poignant reminder that those long hot summer days are just simply gone for now.

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Update. 2.40P CST


Ted Walker in Indiana sent his pic:

"After a day hiking around Hornby Island, just off of Vancouver Island,
my wife and I stopped for fish and chips at the Thatch pub. The view in
the photo looks across Lambert Channel, where a quick ferry ride took
us back to the house on the water where we spent that trip, our
honeymoon. The beer in the photo–a Rainier I think–is one of the best
I’ve had. It seems like a long time ago now, but it was only a few
months, the middle of the last best and now-gone summer…"

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*Your summer memories?

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