Anandi asked:

"I misplaced my Moleskine Weekly Pocket Planner for 2008 and found it recently…unused. I have a new softcover Weekly Planner for 2009. Any creative ideas on what to use the outdated planner for?"

Hubert responded with an idea for an iPod case.

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Pictured: iPod case made from a Moleskine.by Thryn

*Your recycled notebook ideas? 

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  1. You can always ignore the dates (or the days of the week) and use if for 2009. Or you’ve got the regular notebook paper on the one side, and the other for (to do lists, your budget).

  2. Wait until 2036 to use it. That’s the next time that the weekdays will be in sync with the days of the year. You won’t have to buy a 2036 planner then.

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